Stereo Stickman reviews Now Love by AlexiMuzic

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This album from AlexiMuzic has been really well crafted with a notably attentive approach, making it an uplifting pleasure to witness for a whole range of music fans. Beginning with the bright and energetic But We Need a Little Money, the project bursts into life – the instrumentation and chords chosen create a colourful and […]

I was on American Idol…

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There is a reality TV Hollywood secret… You’d think you sign up with 10,000 other people in a big ol’ city and wait in a long line to see Simon, Paula and Randy, but that is just not the case!  I think Paula would have lost her mind if she had to see one thousand […]

Tall Hairy Greek with Glasses

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You know when you start singing in a choir for fun or watch American Idol and say “if only…”  Well shoot!  I… IF ONLY-ED!  I’ve sung my whole life, like so many people, but I sung in front of strangers AAAND they didn’t throw anything at me.  They actually didn’t mind a giant kid bellowing […]