The story so far…

Variety is the spice of life!  Alexi’s musical career has made him a jack of all musical trades with its variety.  His roots are being classically trained in high school and college to staring in operas in his early 20’s.  They say your voice changes into a deeper more robust voice in your mid-30’s and THAT’S when you land the best operatic rolls, so naturally he was off singing show tunes.

It was an easy transition for him to explore the world of soaring notes in musicals that need to be belted with experience from those operatic days.  These were wonderful and necessary stepping stones in Alexi’s life to finally create something on his own.  Being restricted to composers librettos and musical compositions were just that, too confining.  Realizing creativity comes with freedom to do what you want was liberating and intimidating.  He started composing contemporary music with a band.

Being in a group was like dating someone brand new with infinite possibilities.  But like dating there is less structure, no deadlines, no contracts or itineraries suggesting where to be and when for everyone to be at a final goal.  Any band mate that got a promotion at their 9-5 or got a new girlfriend would put their music in their review mirror.  Maybe it was just a hobby for them or to an advertisement for relationships.  Now looking at the Beatles 10 year run in the states doesn’t look short lived, but an eternity to keep 4 musicians to work under the same goal.

When he wasn’t playing out a band, Alexi got the reality TV bug like the rest of America!  Getting to the top .1% on American Idol really gave Alexi the validation to stick to his journey.

To not compromise on his music, Alexi started making his own.  He made some jingles for commercials, radio, podcasts and web shows.  He has had relationships collaborating with ESPN and WGN radio with sports related parody compositions. Fast forward to today, Alexi finally has gotten to create his own solo album.  Powerful stuff from opera days, belty choruses from his show tune time and pop-rock catchy sensibility from years in bands.