Tall Hairy Greek with Glasses

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You know when you start singing in a choir for fun or watch American Idol and say “if only…”  Well shoot!  I… IF ONLY-ED!  I’ve sung my whole life, like so many people, but I sung in front of strangers AAAND they didn’t throw anything at me.  They actually didn’t mind a giant kid bellowing songs in their ears!  Who woulda thunk it?

Music has always been in my family, but I was the first to pursue it in any professional Manner.  I have a giant-jovial family.  The “giant” I’m talking about is my dad is 6’5”, Brother 6’3” and sister over six foot…and I’m taller than all of them.  If there aren’t smiles on their faces they can come off as an intimidating mob!  Mom would always have smooth jazz in the house and Dad would come in every evening after work screaming a song from the 60’s or 70’s at full blast to let us all know he was home.

I’ve been in some sort of musical group since I was in 5th grade but never really took it seriously until my high school senior year musical.   I was a Greek awkward giant playing a Russian with a gray beard glued to my face, singing the last notes of Fiddler on the Roof and getting a standing-ovation….I was hooked! Now people recognized me for my music instead of just a colossal kid from class.

From there on I looked at music differently…something I wanted to be closer to… something that set me apart besides my physic.  Listening and mimicking wasn’t good enough…I needed to explain my feelings in the music I made.

Fast forward through getting a music degree in college, being in numerous musical groups, working with ESPN Radio, a myriad of theme song/commercial/movie jingles and a couple reality television experiences including a brief sighting on American Idol keeps fueling that rush as a musician even if it gets difficult along the way.

I feel that attaching myself to family and friends that supported this musical journey was the catalyst I needed to release and guide creativity.  But perhaps even more importantly, is YOU, the listener, that makes all of it matter!

I look forward to many more sometimes-hard, sometimes ugly, always worthwhile experiences along this musical journey.  Here’s to hoping that you are part of that journey.


If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of this journey, click here to listen to my most recent album, ‘Now Love.’


Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter.


  • Nannie says:

    You bring joy into people’s lives through your music. I am in awe when I listen to you and have the chance to sing with you in smule..

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Wow! Thank you so much Nannie! Letting me know that I bring some kind of joy really gets me in the feels:) Thank you!

  • Gina says:

    You have a great voice I could see the passion when u are singing. And hey you are funny too that makes people love you!😁I certainly love singing with you in Smule.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      YES GINA!!! Humor is amazing! Keep up the singing and thank you for supporting my music…it is an honor:)

  • Mags says:

    Great sense of humour and greater the voice!
    Great singing at Smule👏 Good luck to your new venture 👍

  • Sheila Stapleton says:

    Alexi youhave a unique Soul! Always kind, inspiring, funny way. Your natural way of being you makes anyone feel at Home. Creatice in all ways, groundet and sure open for some crazy Adventure regarding Music. I wish youonly the Best in all. May God bless you and your Talent. Sheila Stapleton

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Well Sheila, you are so thoughtful. I’m so glad that I make you feel like home…first, that feels so good to hear you say that and second…I didn’t know our homes were so similar? 🙂
      Thank you!

  • Rey Rey says:

    I don’t know you at all. But saying that, you seem like a cool guy. You have an amazing talent and your funny as heck! Looking forward to listening to more of your songs.


    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Well Rey Rey, I hope you and your gorgeous husband liked my music and I’m happy to hear your sincere compliment:)

  • Gretchen Weir says:

    Aleximusic…your voice reminds me of Josh Groban and you sing with the same passion ad Michael Crawford. I look forward to hearing you sing every time I go to Smule. I enjoy singing with you. Frankly, we sound great together. Congrats on this latest endeavor…you killed it. Keep the music coming!!!

  • SammyCat says:

    Hi AlexiMuzic 🙂

    Love your music and you sound 😀

    See you on Smule 😀

  • Elena says:

    Alexi,first of all I would like to thank you (I am sure there are many People out there Who would agree !!!) For letting us enjoy and try (smule wise), feel and touch the sence of your vision of the music. They say there are 3 things out there to observe and enjoy:Fire, Water and Hard work of the other person (an old russian joke, but in your special case it gets complitely different meaning). Please, do not stop!!! Excellent Job, bravo! I wish you very Best and look forward for more songs)))

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Well Elena, thank you so much for the thoughtful incite on your “feels” of my music and your Russian humor:) I plan on not stopping…so thank you for the warm thoughts!

  • Yvonne says:

    For 5 years ago I listen you the first time on smule .
    I found you are a talenting amazing singer .
    Maybe you have the chance to distribute you’re songs and music all over the world . And everybody in the world can listen to your music and your voice .
    In Germany our talentshow called Deutschland sucht den Superstar ( the same as American idol ) . Dieter Bohlen are sitting in the jury . Maybe you know him from modern talking . He is really famous and a famous music producer . He sad , it gives so many people they are good singer , but the most important thing in music is that you feel the music . I can hear it in your voice . Keep it up Alexi.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed 😀.
    Sorry for my grammar I am no longer in exercise.

    Vonnie_Sings ( Yvonne ) 😀

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      I can’t believe it has been that long Yvonne! Thanks for singing with me all the way till now:) I’ve never heard of Dieter Bohlen, but I looked Modern Talking up and he has a very high voice like the Bee Gees! Your grammar is great! Thanks for the support all these years Yvonne!

  • Starr Wilson says:

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love your strong vocals and your creativity. You approach most things with a great sense of humor. Always a plus! Your friendliness is an absolute joy. You got IT my friend. All the best to you!

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      You are too kind Starr! Thanks for lovely compliments and well wishes:) It’s always great singing with you!

  • Eileen1950 says:

    I regularly check your invites when I’m on Smule and hope there is a song I can join. You are so versatile and have such an amazing voice! I am currently fighting breast cancer and music soothes me every day during this battle. Believe it or not, you were one of the first people I sang with over 6 years ago…back when I had hair! 😃. Thanks for allowing me to listen to parts of your new album…keep chasing that dream! 🎤🎶❤️

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Eileen! Has it been that long! I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. I’m glad you have found music to help with that stress. I’m so glad you like my new tune! I’m very proud of it, I’m pleased I could share it with you:)

  • victoria says:

    Hi,Alex da music ☺I really,wonder !your very humble and hearted that’s what,?am sensing here.Anyway,looking forward…your Destiny in the music and regarding you’re beautiful soul”oh’…wow!your great’to me,Keep singing always cause, you have,had a stunning voice.
    💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 but,don’t IGNORE my request…hahaha!you know my request…sir,
    Am waiting …😊

  • Virginia says:

    Hi buddy always enjoy your singing and singing with you thanks to smule. Loved hearing your single i am sure it wont be too much longer before everyone knows you and you become famous. Best of luck to you and dont forget us little people when fame hits you lol.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Thanks so much buddy! I’m so happy that you like the tune Virginia:) Famous is relative my friend…and as long as I’m famous to my relatives, I’ll be fine hahahaha:) Thanks for supporting me always!

  • Chanse says:

    Alex….Alex… for all these times in Smule, there never was a dull momentum with you. You’re awesome!.. thank for all the fun you put in music and also for the Mystic ingredient of a great and greater voice. Kudos and more power my friend.

  • Justine says:

    As I listened to your songs, it was so great. Your voice, the tune, the lyrics. I am so amazed in you. In smule, I always listen to your songs and everything. The world didn’t have its color if music didn’t exist, so keep making wonderful songs. Always here to support.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Hey Justine! Thanks so much for the thoughtful musical analysis! I love music and variety is the spice of life for SURE!

  • Julie (jgirlatlaw) says:

    Congratulations on all your accomplishments. Can’t wait to see where this album takes you.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Thanks so much Julie, I’m already floored by the reception of my album:) Thanks for your support!

  • victoria says:

    ☺its ok, sir…if you forget my requests. 😘..good morning…!from here Victoria☆ ~

  • Rachel Lorenz(inez84) says:

    Just joined Smule the end of May and really enjoy your passion and belief in yourself as an artist-very encouraging and inspiring! Good luck with your album! Any advise for other artists?

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Thanks so much Rachel! Advice for an artist?… find out who you are and what you are trying to say. Know this is knowing who you are…this is how you are unique:)

  • Berta Lamm says:

    Hello again Alexi. 🙂
    Your story is as unique as you are. I echo a lot of other comments in that I look forward to going to Smule each day to see what else you have for us, hoping it’s something I can sing with you (this last time it was All About That Bass). I too, was in a lot of musical groups growing up (mainly choir, and worship teams at church), but fell in love with music…. sadly, I did not pursue it, and it became less of a passion… however, singing with you is reviving that passion again, and I can feel the strength and power returning to my vocal chords… so thank you for helping to revive me. 🙂
    Until the next time on Smule. 🙂

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Thanks so much Berta:) that’s the best part about music, you can always come back to it. It’s a great outlet to always be there for you! I’m glad you found Smule and Music! What a meld of great things:)

  • Caroline says:

    Salut Alexi😄
    I discovered you on smule and I love your voice and your musical universe! I will do your promo in France!🎶👍
    See you😄

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Thank you so much Caroline! I can’t believe my music is being heard in France! That is just incredible:) Thank you!

  • Linda Biddle says:

    Hi Aleximuzik! Thank you for sharing your new music and blog. I just listened and it’s a big thumbs up for me. We share a common Greek heritage and love of music. Sing soon!

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Music and Greekiness is a winning combination! I don’t know how much Greek Music I actually know, but any musician that loves feta is alright by me! Thanks Linda!

  • Maria says:

    Hi Aleximuzic!Thank you for sharing your music & your story with me. I really enjoyed it all. You are an amazingly talented singer. Your vocals are outstanding. I recently discovered you on Smule and I am thrilled to be able to sing with you. You have a way about you that makes me relax and smile. Keep on singing your heart out my friend. Your talent,confidence, sense of humor and friendly manner are gifts that draws people in. I enjoy listening to you daily because you bring joy to my day. Look forward to listening to more of your music. Best of luck to you. I am a fan forever.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Wow, Maria! I don’t know what to say! I’ll take your forever fandom:) Thank you for being able to see in me, things I might never have seen in myself! Can’t wait to have you sing with me if the future:)

  • Gabriela says:

    Congratulations on your new single!. So nice to learn a bit more about you!. You are an inspiration and a great friend to sing with on Smule. Thank you for all your kindness and humor!. Keep up the great work and keep singing “because your bones make you!” 😀

  • Hi Alex nice to know you like you growing up our house was filled with music I will attend to the other message you sent me very soon

  • chichi1505 says:

    Hi Alex, I wanted to say thank you that I was able to get to know you, even if not so long ago, at SMULE *. your voice, your presence, just your whole person, is so fascinating. I am looking forward to more songs with you. I wish you all the best and good luck for the future. chichi1505 (Claudia)

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Well Claudia! I’m so glad you popped by! Your comments are tooooo much, you are too good to me Claudia:) Thanks for singin and supportin! I really can’t ask for more:) Thank you, it means a lot!

  • gail says:

    Alexi, I’d like to see you on the Voice! Your voice is superb, extremely versatile and your charisma and personality are infectious.One thing I have always observed and appreciated about you on Smule, both live and in OC’s is your kindness to others, no matter what. That kind of humility mixed with a huge load of humor, sets you apart. Love you single and wish you inroads to your dreams! Gail (scragle)

    • AlexiMuzic says:

      Thank you so much for watching over me Gail:) I think all my life I fall on the side of silly, I’m glad that it comes through as a positive 🙂 I hope you’ve watched the movie Once! Thanks for listening to my single…I’m glad you like it:)

  • Oldrick says:

    My englisch is not well
    Im living in Germany
    Like your voice and thanks
    That you like my videos in instergramm
    I look many times your videos. It make me happy to see you
    Hope you sing for me also
    Songs of my profile that I can sing with you


  • Charisse Davies says:

    Hey Alexi, you’re awesome. A great and powerful voice. It’s always a pleasure singing with you on smule =)

    • AlexiMuzic says:

      Charisse! Your support is overwhelming:) Thank you so so very much! See you on Smule:) (so many people call it Shmule:)

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