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There is a reality TV Hollywood secret… You’d think you sign up with 10,000 other people in a big ol’ city and wait in a long line to see Simon, Paula and Randy, but that is just not the case!  I think Paula would have lost her mind if she had to see one thousand auditions, let alone ten thousand!

There are 3 rounds of American Idol before you meet Simon.  It starts off in a giant arena just as you see on TV.  There’s Ryan Seacrest, 10 producers and A LOT of cameras.  You take an entire day to wait in line so you can audition the NEXT day!  Everyone was told to be there at 7am…you’re freakin out because your voice isn’t warm, you haven’t been able to get good sleep and you’ve been chatting it up with your line-mates like you’re at summer-camp:)  I guess in all the excitement I didn’t understand how long it would take to audition ten thousand people… just because we were there at 7am doesn’t mean that’s when any of us were singing.

After we sung a Prince song for a promo and had Ryan Seacrest talk to us about what it is to be an American Idol, there are auditions throughout the day for, randomly, one of ten young producers.  They listen to your song decide if you should go to the next round or not.  Out the right door for “no” and the left door for “yes.”  I had a seat high up in the arena so you can really see the Idol circus below.  Droves of hopeful contestants were going out the “right” door like ants following each other to the food.  So every so often, from my vantage point, one DOT got the golden ticket and went out the left door.  The arena screeched and screamed!  All of the sudden it felt possible!

It was my turn and I was auditioning for a producer named Joe.  Joe explained he couldn’t shake my hand because after a thousand handshakes he was bound to catch something.  I sang so loud that all the cameras catching candid shots of the other performers turned to me!  I thought I was a shoe in!  The judges looked at me skeptically… at this giant human in a full singing sweat and asked if I had a counter piece that would show something else.  Man oh man, I didn’t even practice this one, but I was thinking about it…and they say that if you practice intently in your mind it is kiiiiinda like actually practice 🙂 🙂 🙂  I sang “Killing Me Softly” and they enthusiastically gave me the golden ticket.  I was shaking, it was so validating and unbelievable at the same time!  I hollered to the arena of auditioners and they roared back!

Two more rounds and a bunch of interviews later, I saw Simon, Paula, Randy and singer/songwriter Jewel!  Less than 1% got picked for round 4, out of ten thousand contestants that fancied themselves vocalists!  Nervous and exhausted, too bad so sad, I didn’t make it to Hollywood.  Even though Jewel REALLY pulled for me; it wasn’t in the cards 🙂  In the following months my friends, family and a bunch of strangers saw me on TV… it was the validation I needed to keep pursuing music.

If you’d like to hear what kind of singer I turned out to be since then, I’d like you to have a song that I wrote for free!

It would really mean a lot to me if you listened to it and let me know what you thought about it and my American Idol experience.  I would love to hear from you!

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  • SammyCat says:

    Wow! That an incredible story… I didn’t know it was that hard to get in at American Idol.. it’s easier in Denmark then. But thank God you kept on singing even if Simon said no ♥️ I love singing with you on Smule ♥️ It make my days when I turn on the app and there is an invite from you. Thank you 😊

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Really? That is very interesting Sammy! How is it easier in Denmark? I’m also glad that we can sing together! Thank you!

  • Amanda Zopp says:

    My sister & I both auditioned back in 2008. Neither of us made it past the first round. 🙁 It was such a long wait for such a let down! Lol. Today my sis is leading tens of thousands of people in worship at a huge church in Chicago (you should check her out!) and I’m singing my babies to sleep. 😉 Awesome you made it so far!!!

  • Barbara aka Mizbee says:

    Hey aleximuzic.com, Barbara here @CloseADealWithMe, Haven’t heard your song yet but your AI story, yes. Wow! And good for you! Also i wanted to briefly mention that Im proud of you for tapping into your Genius side! Refreshing is the word that comes to mind here; and Heck… Ive not heard your song yet! One final note here…STAY IN ACTIVE PURSUIT OF YOUR DESIRES AND ALWAYS COMIT TO BEING FOCUSED ON YOUR TARGET DAILY; 4days wk. minimum. And for the record, kudos to you for reaching and utilizing your inner Genius! Something we all possess but few attain! (At ANY level)! P.S. W O W !!! (and will listen NOW) pinky promise!!!!

  • Mercedes Guimarães says:

    Eu vi você no American Idol, aqui no Brazil a gente vê muito o programa e realmente não sabia que era tão disputado. Mas acredito que essa oportunidade deve ter aberto muitas portas e torço por isso. Você também tem um estilo muito interessante para apresentações em Standup. Você tem um lado humorista maravilhoso. Aqui no Brasil temos o “The Voice” com muitos estrangeiros participando o que acho bastante interessante esse elo com o mundo. Espero sinceramente muito sucesso a você.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Google Translate:
      Isso é interessante que esses reality shows ligam o mundo juntos 🙂 Obrigado por ler e me apoiar Mercedes!

  • Claudia says:

    Congratulations! What a great experience to have been in American Idol, I think that great voices like yours can do it. Maybe one day there will be another opportunity and you will be able to reach the top. you deserve, you’re amazing with a microphone near your mouth! Greetings from Argentina Clausonglove

  • Terra Currier says:

    I love reading the insiders’ view on reality TV. I’ve heard a few from American Idol and a friend of mine was on The Bachelorette. I don’t have the guts to try to make my hobby of singing into a career, so I’m thrilled when people like you do. Keep rising in and sharing it with us.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      I love the inside scoop as well! It is definitely not as glamorous and waaaaaay more manicured then it looks for sure:) I once had a producer goating me into making a fool of myself and when I said “no” 3 other producers asked me to see if I’d change my mind! It’s a very aggressive bunch:)

  • Jillian says:

    It’s the same for the voice which is really quite deceptive because the whole point of the show is that nobody supposed to see you before you’re judged but the 3 rounds of young producers you see before the judges.

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Yes Jillian! It’s silly:) The judges don’t see them, but they know that the producers wouldn’t have led them astray:) Nice detective work! I want to get mad, but then I do realize that sooooo many factors go into something like my favorite food…sure there is taste but where was I when I had the food?…who was I with? Thanks for your insite!

  • Kelli Glore says:

    What an awesome experience! I really enjoy singing with you on smule 🙂

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      Thank you so much Kelli! I hope the birthday party went well last weekend:) It was definitely a learning experience! How it ACTUALLY works behind the camera. I’m glad you took the journey with me:)

  • Stigzz says:

    Keep it up Alexi! Can’t wait to listen

  • La La Lacy says:

    Wow that’s amazing!!!! My little brother tried to talk me into going a few years back and I told him he’s crazy- I’m not as good as all that lol. This is inspiring though!

    • aleximuzic_5gf0ib says:

      La La La La La LACY!!!!! What do you have to lose? Try! Say you’ve done it…say you gave it your best shot:)

  • Katia (Cat Vian no Smule) says:

    I sang a duet with you at Smule and asked my husband what you thought of my performance… (he’s a musician) and he said that guy sings a lot. That’s not what I wanted to hear, but it s true. You’re amazing. I love hearing your voice! Kiss. I’m Brazilian, sorry about the mistakes.

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